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With millions of data points being compromised every day, your organization must stay continuously resilient to cyber threats. Comsec Global’s advisors deliver innovative services to secure your information and operational assets, ensuring long term business results.

Manage Risk with a Superior Security Assessment

Defending your organization from attacks is a difficult job. Our assessment services can make it easier. No one has more experience combating cyber threats or a better understanding of the behavior, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of global threat actors than PARSUPP experts.

Our Defence Testing Scenario

Web Application Penetration test

Test your web application for security vulanerbilities

ADA Website Complinace Test

Ensure that your website is accesable to all

Mobile Application Penetration Test

Test your Mobile apps for security vulanerbilities

Internal Network Penetration Test

Test your Internal Network to reduce vulnerbilites

External Network Penetration test

Test your external Network to reduce vulnerbilites



Figure out how compliantnt you are & what need to do



Review the architecture documents and diagrams



Review the architecture documents and diagrams



Secure servers, network devices & more

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