Polaris Office

Polaris Office Cloud

Create documents in a free and secure manner in various devices.

The software is a unique collaboration tool as multiple people can work on the same document at the same time.
Also, the documents can be easily shared through emails and document links.

  • Freely view and edit Microsoft and PDF files formats in Polaris word
  • Track Changes to efficently manage the change history and restore document as needed
  • Support presentation mode to eliminate the need to convert Word document to Power point document
  • UI and menu structure similar to Microsoft Office to ensure familiarity
  • Personal information protection features
  • Formula editing feature
  • 433 functions and error checking
  • Support for pivot tables
  • Smart filtering and sorting
  • Powerful conditional formating
  • Visualization of data with diffrent charts and sparklines
  • Enhanced Smart guide
  • Rich Object Insertion
  • Slide master,handout master,and notes master supported
  • Diverse range of clipart
  • Cool animation effects
  • Convert PDF to Office word, sheet, slide documents and edit them
  • Viewer function Optimized for PDF
  • Searc withing PDF
  • Diverse range of clipart
  • Comment witha a sticker,pen,memo, or highliter

Key features of Polaris Office 2017

Perfect compatibility with all document formats

With Polaris Office 2017, you can open and edit files in all commercial formats such as Microsoft Office, PDF, ODF and TXT.

Convert and edit PDF documents

Non-editable PDF documents can be converted to Microsoft Office documents and edited conveniently.

Unlimited document work on diverse devices

Your work can be synchronized on Windows desktop PCs, Macs, Android devices, and iOS devices to ensure business continuity regardless of location.

Differentiated collaboration tool

Documents can be easily shared via an email or a link. Multiple users can access to same document and edit simultaneously to maximize the productivity of the team.

Safe data protection

Polaris Office 2017 values customer information not only by protecting important data from leakage but also blocking access to customers’ documents. Your data is secured with AWS, the most secure and reliable web service platform.

External Cloud connectivity

Supported cloud storage includes Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, WebDAV, and Amazon Cloud Drive, as well as Polaris Drive. However, available cloud storage may vary depending on the device used.

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